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About us

We are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in operational efficiencies. Our entire business is focused on one thing – helping your company work more efficiently, resulting in an improved profits. Our consultants are true entrepreneurs who have built and sold their own businesses. We specialize in working with small to medium-sized, privately held companies in Southern California.

Helpful articles

GOING BIG – Growing your business

Have you ever wondered why your business continues to struggle to grow or earn a reasonable 10% profit? Or worse yet, why profits shrink while revenues go up? This is a must read article for you. It gives you the business owner some valuable tools to help you grow your business while allowing profits to incrementally increase. Written by Jeffrey Brown, a serial entrepreneur, this article addresses the key elements of success for small business owners. 

So you think you can implement?

This is a must-read article for anyone considering the purchase of new software for their company. Most companies don't have the resources or knowledge necessary for successful evaluation and implementation of large-scale software. In fact, 90% of software implentations fail due to poor project management. Read this article to learn about some of the biggest pitfalls.

The Great Employee Meltdown

Originally written in 2010, just after the worse economic recession since the Great Depression, Jeffrey Brown writes about the phenomenon of "employee burnout" and the idea that process improvement can help you retain those top-notch employees before they decide to leave for a less stressful job.

We improve profits by...

Making process changes that help your company work more efficiently, allowing room to grow revenue without adding more people. Improved operational process not only reduce your costs but contribute to improved employee moral.

Instituting better workflow so things don't fall through the cracks, which drives improved customer satisfaction and higher revenue. Creating institutionalized processes that don't remain as tribal knowledge within the organization.

Developing and measuring the key metrics that drive profitability within your organization. 

Project management to help your team evaluate and implement new process technologies, such as a CRM, ERP and other softwares that improve efficiencies.

Helping you realize the synergies of an acquisition by combining the best people, processes and technologies between the two companies.

Acting as your board of advisors, we will hold you and your team accountable to the strategy we've laid out together.

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