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"The most important impact that they've made at our company is the guidance in the building of a financially sound strategy with a solid business methodology in order to build a reliable foundation for the next generation of family members."  

Mike McKeen, Partner of Buddy Bar Casting

"They have been a tremendous resource . They have worked with so many different companies that they bring diverse and a well rounded base of experience and ideas that we have tapped into to improve our company. They brought a new perspective and way of seeing things to an established company that sorely lacked a processes. They have worked with my project managers to establish new systems and we've seen our profitability improve drastically."  

Casey Crosby, President of Strongarm Environmental

"Business owners hate signing checks. I find it very satisfying signing those address to you. I have never been so excited about each work day, and I look forward to working with you as we shape this business in the years ahead."  

Rick Batt, President of Sign Specialists Corporation

"It's been a pleasure working with Jeffrey Brown & Associates. They've worked with our entire company developing and implementing a wide variety of improvements in our business operations. They have made excellent improvements in time-saving programs, which has increased employee productivity by streamlining the information flow. This, in turn, has increased our capacity and profitability."  

Brian Stransky, President of BJB Enterprises, Inc.

"Jeff and his team helped develop our business to operate efficiently and optimized the utilization of our resources through the processes we developed. This laid the foundation to allow our company grow from $3M per year to almost $9M in less than four years."

Julian Ahumada, CEO of Lorian Health

"Our business was in need of a technology update to handle our daily workload. Jeff and his team provided us with strong, viable options that would help us optimize our efficiency, and did so in a timely manner. They made every effort to find us a cost-efficient program and worked on our behalf to hold the vendor to their deadlines. He spent significant time during the implementation process on training and troubleshooting to ensure results. With his knowledge and understanding of operating systems, he was able to translate and teach us the processes involved in utilizing the program."

Bob Smith, President of Claremont Freight Services, Inc.

"Prysmatic Advisors is a M&A advisory firm focused on middle-market companies and their owners. We retained the services of Jeffrey Brown & Associates to participate in the transformation of a family-owned company. They recognized that the cost of goods at the company was understated due to poor cost accounting. This made it clear that outsourcing manufacturing and fulfillment would reduce the company’s cost structure. Most importantly they identified outsourced manufacturing alternatives, prepared the request for proposal, supervised the trial process, and successfully identified multiple outsourced vendors with the demonstrated capability and desire to produce the product. The net effect of these and other initiatives was to position the company to be a much stronger competitor and contributed significantly to the amount of money that the ultimate strategic buyer was willing to pay for the company. The company was sold to a strategic competitor at an above-standard multiple."

Andy Peters, Managing Partner of Prysmatic Advisors

"Broadview Mortgage has retained Jeffrey Brown & Associates for the last five years as a consultant on a number of different projects. The first was introducing the organization to the world of metrics, measuring and accountability. They worked with our staff to develop the relevant metrics needed to run our business, creating the reporting systems and addressing deficiencies in a systemic way. It had a great impact on our productivity, as well as quality." 

Dave Leitchfuss, President of Broadview Mortgage Corporation

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