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Our Process

Everything we do is focused on improving your company’s net profits by recommending and implementing changes within the organization that allow you to operate as efficiently as possible. The results of our work allow you to improve employee satisfaction, streamline the products and services to your customers, and grow your company without adding costly employees. All of this makes significant improvements in customer satisfaction. Our work is ideal for business owners who wish to sell their company in the next two to five years. Remember, every $1 of profit today is worth $5 when you sell your company.

Call us when...

  • You don't know what your products really cost
  • Your financials are a mess and can't be trusted
  • You have no operational metrics
  • Labor costs are a fuzzy number
  • Raw materials expensed as you buy them
  • Gross margin is a grey area
  • Overtime pay is out of control
  • Profits are shrinking with no end in sight
  • $15/hour minimum wage concerns you
  • You have no institutionalized processes
  • You know you can do better but can't do it
Process Improvement
Workflow Systems
Key Performance Indicators
Process Improvement Anchor

Most organizations start with our Corporate Wellness Analysis,™ a three-day evaluation that identifies your company's current efficiencies and inefficiencies. From there, we begin Process Mapping to clearly document your internal processes. A Process Map identifies areas of improvement, such as reducing bottlenecks and eliminating redundant or unnecessary steps. After this thorough analysis, we provide a detailed report that lists areas of opportunity and offers potential solutions. At this point, it’s up to you to decide if you want our help implementing the changes to improve your operational efficiencies.

Workflow is a series of events, often performed by people or groups of people. Proper workflow systems are an organization’s defined internal processes. Workflow is powerful because each step or person has a clearly defined task, which can be repeated. Workflow systems are a way to measure the operational efficiencies of your organization. They create a transparent operation that can be measured and viewed by everyone within your organization. With clear, defined workflow, your employees know what to do and when to do it, creating huge operational efficiencies throughout the organization.

Performance metrics are critical in supporting management by exception policies. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You can’t fix what you can’t measure.” Unfortunately, this powerful concept is often overlooked and underutilized. Most companies measure their success with common tools such as revenues and net profit. Although these metrics report on the macro level of your businesses success, they are really the result of micro processes and key metrics. To maximize these macro metrics, companies must develop tools to measure the micro processes that lead to improved macro metrics.

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