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Process Improvement

Process improvement starts with identifying all the processes within the organization and often results in what is known as a Process Map (click for example). This provides a graphical representation of the way the work flows from person to person and department to department. When you map a very fragmented process, it's easy to quickly find areas that should be changed or eliminated. Some key points are listed below:
What is a Process Map?
  • A pictorial representation of the sequence of actions that comprise a process.
  • It provides an opportunity to learn about work that is being performed.
  • American organizational theorist Dr. Myron Tribus said, “You don’t learn to Process Map, You Process Map to learn.”
  • Most processes today are undocumented.
Why do we create Process Maps?
  • To document processes and provide a reference to discuss how things get done.
  • To describe and understand the work:
    • Analyze and improve on processes
    • Identify of areas of complexity and re-work
    • Generate ideas for improvement
    • Illustrate process improvements
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